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Offers at the FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women*

FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women* offers a wide range of counselling sessions [LINK TO COUNSELLING OFFERS], groups [LINK TO GROUPS] and courses [LINK TO COURSES]. There is enough space on our premises to comfortably drink a coffee, chat and exchange ideas.

You can seek advice and counselling, for example, on legal issues, unemployment or psychosocial problems at the FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women* Our counsellors will listen to you, help you to analyse your situation, and look for a solution together with you.

We offer free child counselling during all counselling sessions and groups without requiring prior notice. Your little ones can let off steam in our playroom children while you take advantage of one of our offers. Please understand that we cannot offer counselling via email or over the telephone.

Our premises

Our counselling room, like all the other rooms, is a safe and protected area exclusively for women*.

Our large exercise room offers enough space for our wellness classes and language courses. Artists* will find exhibition rooms, where readings, discussion and film evenings and workshops take place.


Opening hours

FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women* is open at the following times:

Opening hours of the counselling centre

Monday              9am to 9pm (courses only)

Tuesday              9am to 8pm

Wednesday       9am to 6pm

Thursday             9am to 8pm

Friday   9am to 8pm

Saturday (depending on the offer)        11am to 2pm

For evening events

Opening hours of the children’s playroom (childcare)

Tuesday              9am to 7pm

Wednesday       9am to 1.30pm

Thursday             9am to 7pm

Friday   9am to 2pm