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This is a partisan project for women* who have been affected by stalking. We understand that you are the expert* of your own situation, and we take your stalking experiences seriously. We develop approaches for solutions and action strategies together with you, based on your individual situation.  We are here to support you and stand by your side – you decide how many counselling appointments you want to have, and how much time you need for them.


Many women* affected by stalking feel that their personal freedom is restricted, they feel harassed or threatened, and they often suffer from anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. This psychological and physical burden prevents many (cyber)stalking victims* from recognising the legal and personal options for taking action. Counselling allows you to better understand your current situation.

The anti-stalking project sponsored by FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V. is your partisan contact point if you have been affected by stalking and/or cyberstalking. Our counselling services are also aimed at relatives or friends of women* affected by (cyber)stalking.

Let us advise and support you! We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your individual approach to stalking.

We do not offer counselling to perpetrators*.

Our offer

Counselling for women* affected by (cyber)stalking

During the counselling sessions, we listen to your concerns and help you to process your experiences and to develop new perspectives. We inform you about the existing possibilities to fight against (cyber)stalking. In addition to legal action, this also involves individual strategies and options for action. We advise you according to your personal situation, and the counselling session is always oriented to your life situation and your resources. We stand up for you and help you to find a self-determined life!

Local support for (cyber)stalking victims* in Berlin.

Public institutions, public authorities and those within the social environment often lack knowledge and understanding of (cyber)stalking and its effects.

It can make things much easier if a specialist* accompanies you when going to appointments at authorities and institutions. This is especially helpful if you do not feel able to manage the appointment alone, or suspect a lack of understanding of your situation.

Counselling for relatives and friends of (cyber)stalking victims

Is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, colleague or someone else you know and care about being stalked? Would you like to support this person, but do not know exactly how? Then come to one of our counselling sessions.

For relatives, this is all about understanding what stalking is, what it effects it has, and what it does to those affected. This can help women in better coping with everyday life.

Talk groups and event series „Let’s talk about Stalking“

Once a month we offer an open discussion evening with the assistance of our specialist counsellor to women* affected by (cyber)stalking. Once every quarter year, we focus on (cyber)stalking with different emphases in our series of events „Let’s talk about Stalking“.

In addition, we also inform and advise multipliers* and associations, organisations and administrations on (cyber)stalking and provide specialist information. In 2016, FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V, organised a conference on (cyber)stalking. You can find the specialist documentation for the conference and further information on the subject of (cyber)stalking for download here.


Beate M. Köhler

Dipl.Social Pedagogue / Counsellor for Victim Support / Social worker

Coordinator of the anti-stalking project


Telephone: 030 2966 4691

Appointments can only be made by telephone under (030) 422 4276 (Visitor’s* Centre)

Fax: 030 2966 4691



Telephone availability hours


Monday 12pm – 2pm

Thursday 1pm – 3pm.

Counselling times with a personal appointment

Tuesday 10am – 6pm

Thursday 9am – 1pm