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„In anti-stalking counselling, cyberstalking only occasionally appears in a pure form, but cyberstalking plays a role in almost all stalking cases,“ says Beate Köhler, project coordinator and counsellor of the anti-stalking project.

A fact that has increased, especially in recent years. Because stalking is carried out more and more often with the use of digital aids. Cyberstalking often manifests itself through defamation, public and digital threats or publication of private photos in the case of 80% of female victims. Cyberstalking often only covers part of the traditional stalking methods.

The anti-stalking project is working against cyberstalking

In the anti-stalking project of FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V., we view our task as addressing and confronting the growing challenge of cyberstalking in our counselling. We do this in concrete terms by giving counselling and support to those affected, those in the respective social environment, and to multipliers. In addition, we also place a focus on informing the public on the subject. Because we know that those affected are especially strengthened when they encounter a sensitised environment.


On the 24th of May 2016, the anti-stalking project organised the conference „Countering Cyberstalking – Current Challenges in Counselling for Women*“ in order to place the subject of cyberstalking against women* in public debate and among experts, and to stimulate an exchange. This was particularly aimed at people who are confronted with the topic of cyberstalking against women* in their professional lives. The accompanying documentation for the conference presents the contributions, discussions with over 90 participants, and results on the topic. This was presented in the FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women on the 29th of September 2016, and is now available for download on this website. You can also receive the documentation „Countering Cyberstalking. Possibilities, the Need for Action and Support“ as a print edition in the office of the FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V..


On the basis of the previous work results, within existing and yet to be developed networks, and with the documentation from the conference in the bag, we will tackle the development of a Berlin-wide support network. Our vision is that affected people can quickly and easily approach this network and receive support. We would be happy to receive suggestions, requests and fellow campaigners!