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Information for Relatives

Is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, colleague or someone else you know and care about being stalked? Would you like to support this person, but do not know exactly how? Then come to one of our counselling sessions.

For relatives, this is all about understanding what stalking is, what it effects it has, and what it does to those affected. This understanding is important in dealing with women affected by stalking. This can help women in better coping with everyday life.

A counselling session helps to make the social environment of the woman affected easier to live in. It is important as a relative to convey to the affected woman that you are there for her, without exerting any pressure. Nothing will change just from one day to the next. Stalking is a criminal offence which sometimes lasts for years and can put a lot of strain on those affected and their relatives.

Please contact our staff member Beate Köhler by telephone during office hours: Monday 12pm to 2pm and Thursday 1pm to 3pm