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Stalking counselling and stalking accompaniment for women* in Berlin

If you feel bothered, harassed or threatened, and if you are burdened with anxiety, restlessness and insomnia, then it is important not to be alone. The psychological and physical strain that stalking usually causes prevents many women affected by stalking from recognising the legal and personal options for taking action. Counselling allows you to better understand your current situation.

Let us advise and support you! We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your individual approach to stalking.

We do not offer counselling to perpetrators.

Counselling sessions

In your first counselling session, we listen to your concerns and help you to process your experiences and to develop new perspectives. We inform you about the existing possibilities. In addition to legal action, this also involves individual strategies and options for action. You will receive counselling according to your personal situation, and it is always oriented to your life situation and your resources. It is of central importance to us that we are working for you. Your better well-being and greater self-determination are in the foreground.

Continuous support against stalking

It is possible to arrange several appointments with us and to receive support from us for a desired and required period of time. We offer to take a closer look at how the stalking has progressed, carry out a risk assessment, and work with you to develop strategies for dealing with stalking, specifically for you. Because every woman has their own different resources, and there are many possibilities to deal with this problem.

Local support for (cyber)stalking victims in Berlin

Stalking not only restricts your personal life, but can also affect your professional and public life. Public institutions, public authorities and those within the social environment often lack knowledge and understanding of stalking and its effects.

We are here for you when it comes to stalking and dealing with institutions in Berlin. It can make things much easier if a specialist accompanies you when going to appointments at authorities and institutions. This is especially helpful if you do not feel able to manage the appointment alone, or suspect a lack of understanding of your situation.

How this can look in detail, and which role our employees can take on will be discussed in advance in a one-on-one consultation. This can also be done over the telephone if you have only a few brief questions. In-depth counselling cannot be given at this point. We request that you make an appointment and invite you to FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women.