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FRIEDA’s Networks

FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women* has a diverse network and works closely with other women’s projects in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, as well as throughout Berlin.

The Berlin Women’s Salon, organised by the FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women in cooperation with the EWA Women’s Centre, Women’s Group, RuT (Rad and Tat [Words and Deeds] – Lesbian Women’s Open Initiative) and the S.U.S.I. Intercultural Women’s Centre, regularly offers exciting discussion evenings and events on diversity, inclusion and multiple discrimination.

In addition, we work together with the Friedrichshain women’s projects Mariposa and BOX66, and we are organising a workshop series on the main subject of „re-entry into work“.

We cooperate with Balance – Family Planning Centre e.V. and offer workshops, as well as a series of events, on the topics of body awareness, body norms and sexuality.

Intervention for an improved situation for women in Berlin

  •    AG against sexist advertising in the district
  •     AG Sociology
  •     Member of the Berlin Women’s Network
  •     Member of the Berlin Regional Poverty Conference, active in the Section of Female Poverty
  •     Joint signature under #ausnahmlos [without exception]: against sexual violence and racism. Always. Everywhere. #ausnahmslos #withoutexception
  •     Part of the Feminist Network Alliance


Strengthening the rights of girls and young women in Berlin

  •     Subcommittee for Youth Finance
  •     Youth Committee
  •     as a supporter of PHANTALISA – Space for girls and young women
  •     as a supporter of Alia – Centre for girls and young women


FRIEDA provides social and digital information

FRIEDA also provides information on social and digital networks about topics and events relevant to women in Berlin and beyond. Come and visit us: