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Self Image

FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V. creates a space for women* and girls* of various different backgrounds and living environments. As a sponsor of the four projects FRIEDA – Counselling Centre for Women*, the Anti-Stalking Project, Alia – Centre for Girls* and Young Women and Phantalisa – Room for Girls* and Young Women*, we offer safe and protected areas to meet each other, to exchange ideas, to feel comfortable and to become active with each other.



The FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V. is partisanly involved in its four projects for girls* and women*. We understand girls* and women* as the experts in their own lives, and we encourage them to discover their own strengths. Girls* and women* are the starting point for the development of our offers in terms of their cultural and social backgrounds, their living realities, their needs and their desires. An appreciative approach and an encounter at eye level are prerequisites for our work with girls* and women*. We can also legally represent you.


Gender-sensitive language

We try to be sensitive in our language. Because we know that language creates reality.

We use the gender asterisk (*) and therefore, for example, write „women*“. This asterisk should make it clear that there is a whole range of gender identities (not just „female“ and „male“). There are many people who cannot, or do not (or do not clearly), identify with the gender assigned to them at birth.  Therefore, the asterisk also offers space for self-designation and self-positioning. People of colour, people with disabilities, trans* persons, and women* affected by poverty also face multiple discrimination.



  • We view our offers as partisan work which promotes and strengthens the resources and skills of women* and girls*. We continuously adapt our offers to the needs and wishes of our visitors*.
  • We also support women* and girls* in dealing with possible challenges occurring in everyday life (e.g. in the areas of work, school, housing and partnership), and offer concrete help in crisis situations.
  • FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V., headquartered in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, views itself as a contact point for women* and girls* living in all Berlin districts. We make a significant contribution towards improving the overall climate both in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and in Berlin. Here, we can count on our many network partners*.
  • We engage in current political debates and contribute our positions and perspectives, both in exchanges with each other and in the public debate on key social issues.
  • Of particular importance to us is raising awareness of all kinds of injustice, discrimination, racism and sexism – not just in the district and not just in relation to women*, but primarily for women*
  • FRIEDA Frauenzentrum e.V. offers women and girls possibilities, opportunities and a protected framework for solidarity, to help one another, to learn, to discuss or even to argue – in everyday issues, as well as in larger political contexts.