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pride denied

Sommerkino: Pride Denied – Homonationalism & the Future of Queer Politics

Dokumentarfilm von Kami Chisholm, USA 2016

Engl. Original mit engl. Untertiteln

Many North American LGBTQ pride events initially emerged out of sites of revolt and resistance – such as the anti-police riots at the Stonewall Inn in NYC in 1969. Today, however, PRIDE™ is big business. Non-profits formed for the purpose of hosting pride events sport multinational corporations as sponsors alongside multi-million dollar budgets. But where and how is this money spent?
In Pride Denied, Toronto activists and artists call for a return to prioritizing political activism and community support that characterized the emergence of the contemporary LGBT rights movement more than 40 years ago.

Die Veranstaltung ist offen für FLTI (FrauenLesbenTrans*Inter).

In Kooperation mit Globale Film Festival Berlin.

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